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We’ve Got the Power: Energy Initiatives Across Australia

With global temperatures on the rise from burning fossil fuels, it’s imperative we think about where our energy is coming from and how to use it more efficiently. Here are three amazing energy efficiency being initiatives spearheaded by local governments around the country.

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Regional centres must secure climate and energy future

With no credible Federal approach to climate change in sight on the horizon, it’s time for our regional cities to step up to meet the challenge of climate change. Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are escalating, with a recent report suggesting that our country... read more

Can you imagine an Australia without beaches?

Margaret River, one of the world’s most beloved surf spots, is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts unless urgent action is taken.

That’s why the world’s top surfers joined forces with the Margaret River community to turn the tide on climate change.

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A Renewables Road Trip

Ever wonder what a sea of 800K solar panels looks like? We found out on our South Australian Renewables Road Trip. From wind and solar farms to the big battery, we covered a lot of ground. 

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