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Elected officials join national climate leadership coalition

23 Jun 2022
Mayors and councillors from across Australia have gathered to launch a nationwide coalition of local government elected officials advocating for stronger action on climate change…

Building energy efficient, cost-saving Aussie homes

02 May 2022
New report finds improving minimum energy efficiency standards from 6 to 7-Stars would save Australians an average of $450 per year.

These local communities are future-proofing Australia

21 Apr 2022
Local communities are at the forefront of Australia's transformation to a zero emissions future. Check out our video to find out more.
Media Release

Enough is enough: Flood affected mayors and councillors call for more support

24 Mar 2022
Thirty-one mayors and councillors from some of the most flood damaged regions have called on the government to do more to protect communities.
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Cairns Council is creating a more sustainable community

08 Feb 2022
Find out how Cairns Regional Council is creating initiatives to cut local emissions and educate the community on climate change.
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Local councils unite to launch one of the largest emissions reduction projects

27 Jan 2022
In 2021, Darebin Council spearheaded the Victorian Energy Collaboration (VECO), the largest emissions reduction project ever undertaken by Australian local governments.
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Northern Beaches council is going renewable

12 Jan 2022
Northern Beaches has a 4-year action plan to tackle climate change and increase renewables across the region, find out how they're doing it.
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Adelaide is cutting emissions with renewable energy rebates

11 Jan 2022
The City of Adelaide is helping its community reduce emissions by incentivising energy efficiency, sustainable transport and clean energy.

Net Zero: How are Australian councils playing their part?

20 Dec 2021
Find out what ‘net zero’ means, why it matters and which Aussie local governments are leading the charge.

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