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Seventeen councils join nationwide call for ambitious Federal Government targets ahead of UN climate summit

13 Oct 2021
Councils have called on the Federal Government to commit to strong, unified action on climate change, ahead of COP26.
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WA councils set to source 100 per cent renewable energy

11 Oct 2021
Cities Power Partnership applauds WALGA's agreement that could see fifty-one councils make the switch to source 100% renewable energy.

Neighbourhood Issue: Climate costs and risks to councils

22 Sep 2021
The Neighbourhood issue: Climate costs and risks to councils report has found climate-fuelled extreme weather is compounding costs for councils.
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Councils spend millions on climate change and disaster recovery: New report

22 Sep 2021
More support and funding is needed to help local governments cope with the costs of climate change, a new report has found. 
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Australian first pilot program to help councils slash emissions

09 Sep 2021
An Australian first program that will enable local governments to make evidence-based decisions for emissions reduction projects. 

Pilot program to help new member councils cut emissions

30 Aug 2021
We've launched a pilot program that will help Australian councils make evidence-based decisions when choosing emissions reduction actions. 

Forum: Clean Economic Opportunities for the Central Queensland Region

25 Aug 2021
Representatives from seven local governments in Central Queensland came together to discuss their role in building climate resilience. 

Future-Proofing Paradise: The Cairns Story

23 Aug 2021
With an abundance of sun and wind, Cairns Council and the community are leading the way to a clean, healthy future.
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Central Queensland councils work together for a renewable future

12 Aug 2021
More than 60 local government representatives will gather to discuss how to manage changes to the energy sector across Central Queensland.

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