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Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne


Member event

Afternoon Tea Q&A with Harry Barber from the City of Yarra

27 Oct 2022
3:00pm - 3:30pm

Introduction to the electrification of municipal hand tools

Join us for afternoon tea at 3pm AEDT Thursday 27 October as we hear from City of Yarra resident and traffic consultant, Harry Barber, as he takes us through an initiative to electrify municipal handtools.

Frustrated by the air and noise pollution of council tools and concerned about the effects that the fumes might be having on the operators, City of Yarra resident Harry Barber set out to conduct in-depth research and compile constructive reports on this subject.

What you’ll gain from the session:

  • A better understanding of the harms and climate impacts of small petrol-powered tools
  • A summary of the retail bans in Australia and California
  • A pathway for Councils towards electrification of their hand tools
  • And insights into this electrification process from the City of Yarra depot. 


With a growing number of our member councils wanting to connect and learn from one another, we have launched our Afternoon Tea Q&As. Come along for half an hour, every second Thursday at 3pm AEDT for a casual get-together where a speaker will present on a topic and then open the floor for questions and discussion. Join us!

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Harry Barber
Harry Barber

Harry Barber

City of Yarra resident, Adviser and Consultant