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Afternoon Tea Q&A With Dave Moore from Sunshine Coast Council

7 Jul 2022
3:00pm - 3:30pm

Join us for afternoon tea at 3pm AEST Thursday 7th July as we hear from Dave Moore from Sunshine Coast Council.

Dave will be providing us with an update on Council’s implementation of its Blue Heart Sunshine Coast major greenspace and the integrated outcomes being achieved alongside advice regarding getting partnership projects approved.

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Dave Moore
Dave Moore

Dave Moore

Manager, Environmental and Sustainability, Sunshine Coast Council

Dave lives on the Sunshine Coast with his wife and four children. Growing up in northern New South Wales, the Sunshine Coast has been home for the last 15 years and has provided many opportunities to apply his environmental science background to protect and enhance the valued natural assets of the region. In his role as Manager of Sunshine Coast Council's Environment and Sustainability Policy Branch, he and his team provide long-term strategic directions to deliver a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast.