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Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne


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Afternoon Tea Q&A: Solar power purchase agreement with Blacktown City Council

2 Mar 2023
3:00pm - 3:30pm

Join us for afternoon tea at 3pm AEDT Thursday 2 March as we hear first-hand from Climate Awards Finalist, Blacktown City Council on their project of the largest commissioned rooftop solar PPA in Australia. 

A rooftop solar power purchase agreement achieves affordable behind-the-metre renewable electricity without the upfront costs of installing solar panels. 

In this session, you’ll learn about how Blacktown City Council:

  • Commissioned the PPA and used it to add 707 KW capacity on 16 of its rooftops (with pre-existing panels, bringing capacity to 1.36 MW)
  • continues to save money on the resulting behind-the-metre generation compared with paying for the same volume of electricity from their retail contract
  • combined the project with a contract to procure 100% renewable electricity (starting 1 Jan 2025)
  • gains live solar generation data as part of the agreement


Our Afternoon Tea Q&As run for half an hour, every second Thursday at 3pm AEDT, where a speaker presents on a climate topic relevant to local government and then opens the floor for questions and discussion. Join us!


Dr Helen Burnie
Dr Helen Burnie

Dr Helen Burnie

Senior Coordinator Environmental Services, Blacktown City Council

As Senior Coordinator of Environmental Services at Blacktown City Council, Dr Helen Burnie leads a team focused on responding to climate change, sustainability and resilience. She has worked in the field of sustainability for 17 years for Council and NSW Government. Helen’s doctoral thesis focused on the motivations of western Sydney adults when they take actions that help mitigate climate change.