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Afternoon Tea Q&A with Nathan McBriarty from Wollongong City Council

4 Aug 2022
3:00pm - 3:30pm

City movement: Implementation of the Wollongong Cycling Strategy 2030

Join us for afternoon tea at 3pm AEST Thursday 4th August as we hear from Nathan McBriarty from Wollongong City Council talk us through the journey of implementing the Wollongong Cycling Strategy 2030.

The movement across the city of Wollongong is evolving and needs to be supported by innovative and effective transport infrastructure and services to support our growing population, all whilst encouraging people to choose alternatives to the motor vehicle, in response to climate action. 0ur city and the transport challenges we face, are constantly evolving, and dependence on cars as the primary source of transport for our Wollongong community is not desirable, or sustainable, in the long term. Cycling and at a broader level all micro-mobility options including e-scooters, achieve this goal. The Q&A session will detail the successes and the lessons learnt as we work towards the vision to make Wollongong ‘the place to ride’.

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Nathan McBriarty
Nathan McBriarty

Nathan McBriarty

Manager of Traffic and Transport, Wollongong City Council. 

Nathan McBriarty is a qualified civil engineer and urban planner, currently residing in Wollongong NSW working for Wollongong City Council as the Traffic and Transport Manager. He has a real passion for creating places for people and the infrastructure and services that connect and support these places. His skill set is diverse within the field of engineering with expertise in; civil design and construction, stormwater, WSUD and flood management, and transport and traffic engineering and planning.