Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

Learn about the different fleet charging options and technology to consider for your pool and employee vehicles. Explore some of the different business models that are available for local governments when considering public charging infrastructure installations.


Assessing business case models for local government investment into electric vehicle infrastructure

This paper offers useful insights for local governments to consider different EV charging infrastructure business models to assess the risks and benefits of charging infrastructure deployment within their jurisdiction.

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Managing Electric Vehicle load impacts on low-voltage distribution grids | Simulator tool

As local governments seek to electrify their fleet and provide public charging infrastructure, assessing the impact of charging stations and planning for future capacity upgrades will be a key consideration to best manage peak capacity stress. The World Resources Institute provides a model-based simulator that enables users to evaluate the potential electric vehicle (EV) load impacts on the low-voltage distribution grid. This tool can be used to quantify the effects of different vehicle-grid integration technologies to help alleviate peak capacity stress.

Visit the simulator:
Resource: Technical note document [PDF 1.1MB]

Screenshot from technical notes comparing inputs


Australian Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) suppliers

Access a list of EVSE organisations that can assist your council in the supply and installation of electric vehicle charging stations from council depots to public charging stations for your community.

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Design Recommendations for Accessible Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (US Guidelines)

This resource provides design and construction guidance of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to ensure accessible and usable public charging considerations for people with disabilities. EV charging stations are often unattended. It is therefore important that EV charging stations are accessible to allow independent use by drivers with disabilities. (Note- Australian guidelines on disability access for charging infrastructure is currently in development with a trial underway in South Australia with Royal Automobile Association (RAA) and CPP will seek to upload this resource where possible)

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EV Fire Safety & Charging Hubs | EV FireSafe

How do you design, install & maintain your EV charging sites for fire safety? This short course provides data-driven facts about EV fires at charging, solutions for safer charging, people & environment, & downloadable resources such as how to write a pre-incident plan, a site safety poster & draft operating procedures. EV FireSafe are funded by the Australian Department of Defence to research EV battery fires & emergency response.

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ClimateWorks Charging Infrastructure for Fleets

Moreland and Banyule took part in a ClimateWorks webinar discussing charging infrastructure for fleets. This document contains questions and answers from this discussion as well as useful charging infrastructure products, rough pricing guidelines and an example of Hobson Bay council charging infrastructure categories that aid decision-making process.

Download this resource [PDF 838kB]


Case study | Electric Vehicle EV Charging Roadmap | South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCA)

This report was commissioned by Victoria’s South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCA) and developed by the Institute for Sensible Transport. While it details SECCA specific content, this document provides comprehensive charging infrastructure information relevant for all councils from considerations on EV charging fundamentals, to selecting charger infrastructure sites, to understanding public charger user profiles.

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Case study | Electric Vehicle Charging Outlook for the ACT

This document can be a useful guide for local governments to review and potentially model in providing EV charge point operators information to support investment in charging infrastructure in your jurisdiction.

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Case study | Lithgow’s Electric Car Parks: An EV charging strategy for the Lithgow LGA and Main Street Precinct

This report provides some great guiding principles to consider in planning an EV charging network and considers what outcomes does Lithgow council want to achieve. This report seeks to understand how best to support people charging their vehicles when they are away from home and how visitors to Lithgow recharge while going to local shops, businesses and events.

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