Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

Learn the key steps in the process to electrify your fleet, the critical issues you need to consider and useful tips on putting together the right team within your organisation and when it might be worthwhile for your council to engage with EV specialists.

Note – A 20-point checklist outlining step-by-step guide on how to plan a fleet transition plan is currently under review and will be uploaded to this website shortly.

If you are in the process of transitioning your council fleet and have questions you want answered by other local governments also transitioning their fleet, we recommend CPP member councils log in to our Council Connect platform.


Featured resource

EV Fleet Transition Planning | Template Document

Considering hiring EV specialists in your fleet transition journey at your local council? Utilise this template document to simplify your councils’ RFQ process.

Download this resource [PDF 116 KB]

ChargeTogether | EVeducate

EVeducate is a free knowledge base that has a range of resources covering many electric vehicle topics from EV basics to key considerations to be made for your fleet transition plan.

Visit this resource


Screenshot of the EVeducate knowledge base website


Case Study | The Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance (GBGA) – feasibility study and building the business case to electrify council fleet

This 2018 report undertaken by Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance (GBGA) made up of 11 regional councils in Victoria, outlines some of the strategic drivers, council fleet operations and policy context matters worth considering to build an effective
business case value proposition to electrify council fleets. While this report has specific information relevant to these regional councils, it has useful information on building the business case approach, finance/procurement options and the importance of change management steps to undertake.

Download this resource [PDF 1.8MB]


2023 Electric Vehicle Car Leasing Guide

For councils seeking to increase EV uptake for their staff and offer employees a novated leasing arrangement, Fleet News Group has produced a handy 2023 Car Leasing guide outlining electric vehicles listing from cheapest to most expensive models available. It breaks down the monthly rental cost to own and operate the car over three years (including maintenance, tyres, finance costs, depreciation and registration).

Download this resource [PDF 1.9MB]
Visit the Fleet News Group’s EV News site