Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

This article originally appeared in the Bankstown Canterbury Torch here.

CANTERBURY Bankstown Council has pledged to become a ‘climate champion’ under a new landmark national initiative officially launched in Canberra last week.

Canterbury Bankstown has joined more than 30 councils, across the country, representing more than 300 towns and cities, and almost two million Australians, ready to tackle climate change at a local level.

Council administrator Richard Colley said the Cities Power Partnership (CPP), created by the Climate Council of Australia, empowers councils to continue to undertake five or more projects and initiatives to cut emissions, including emission reduction plans; switching to cleaner energy; and building greener, efficient and more resilient communities.

“The Partnership gives councils actionable, realistic and effective solutions and methods to encourage clean energy technology, energy efficiency and sustainable transport at a local level,” he said.

“Our participation in the CPP means we can play our part tackling climate change in our own backyard.”

Climate Council CEO Amanda Mckenzie says the CPP will help Canterbury-Bankstown to take concrete steps to curb emissions and increase its renewable energy capacity.
“We are excited to welcome Canterbury-Bankstown to this landmark initiative,” she said.

“We are now calling on every council across Australia to jump on board, like Canterbury-Bankstown, and take the pledge to join the Cities Power Partnership and tackle climate change.”

The program aims:
• To provide the council with ongoing access to domestic and international experts and information through a knowledge hub;
• Enable the council to share its commitment to implementing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and transport measures, with specific projects identified within six months; and
• Enable Canterbury-Bankstown to collaborate with other member councils on their experience with emission reduction projects.

Find Canterbury-Bankstown’s CPP page here.