Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

Dr Portia Odell and Jane Kern

Bank Australia and the Cities Power Partnership, a Climate Council initiative, have joined forces to support local councils to drive community-based climate solutions across Australia.

The partnership will accelerate support for Australian councils and their communities in taking bold climate action – from electrifying council fleets to rolling out renewable energy in the community.

The Cities Power Partnership initiative assists councils to decarbonise their operations and community emissions, which includes those from homes and transport. Bank Australia has a 2035 net zero target and 2030 science-based target which includes its financed emissions, so scaling up sustainable homes and transport is also a priority at the bank.

Cities Power Partnership Director Dr Portia Odell said local governments are a critical part of Australia’s climate solution so it is essential to accelerate their progress.

“Around the country, councils are powering their operations with 100 percent renewable energy, electrifying their fleets and supporting their communities to install solar panels and insulate their homes,” said Dr Odell.

“The Cities Power Partnership has 186 participating councils which together represent over 70% of Australia’s population. Our member councils have set over 800 climate pledges that are creating cleaner cities, cheaper power, better housing and more connected transport for their communities.

“We are delighted to partner with Bank Australia to drive the next phase of impact across the country.”
Bank Australia Head of Impact Management, Jane Kern, said this partnership is all about enabling Cities Power Partnership to deepen the initiative’s impact.

“We recognise the enabling role the Cities Power Partnership can play in driving community-led climate action,” said Ms Kern.
“There is a strong overlap between Bank Australia and the Cities Power Partnership’s climate action goals, and that’s why this partnership will benefit both organisations. Together we can continue empowering local leaders to become strong advocates for and enablers of climate action.”

Strong relationships with leaders at local, state and national government levels have benefitted from knowledge sharing through Cities Power Partnership forums. These stakeholders recently came together at the Cities Power Partnership’s Climate Summit for Local Government.