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82% energy savings

Northern Lights LED streetlighting upgrade project

Planning scheme support for solar

Exemptions for solar PV & collector panels

Council signed up to the Cities Power Partnership as we saw this as an opportunity to increase the work we are already doing in promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy. We are looking forward to identifying projects and achieving our goals, whilst sharing the information and resources of other likeminded Councils.

Mayor David Downie

What Council has achieved in the past in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability:

Planning & Development

Council’s planning scheme requires development to be north facing where possible to allow for passive heating and reduction in energy use. To encourage solar use, Council’s Planning Scheme contains an exemption for solar collector panels and photovoltaic cells on a roof.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Council has recently completed a Water Sensitive Urban Design Strategy, whereby stormwater is redirected and filtered through two ponds to clear the stormwater of debris before it flows back into the stormwater channel. The development has two primary benefits, cleaning the stormwater before it returns back to the river system, and creating a wetland for native flora and fauna.

Northern Lights Project

The Northern Midlands Council is currently participating in the Northern Lights Project. The project involves changing over 920 of the current residential street lights to energy efficient luminaires. The new lights will be up to 82% more efficient than the existing 80W mercury vapour lights, leading to significant cost and energy savings by Council. By making this change, Northern Midlands will save the equivalent of around 900 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. This is equal to removing twenty cars off the road every year for the next twenty years! Despite an initial capital outlay, the reduced operation and maintenance costs of the lights mean that the project will be cash flow positive within 7 years. From that point onward Council will incur savings, adding up to around $1.75 million over the 20 year life of the lights.

Installation of solar panels

Council supports the installation of solar panels on Council buildings and infrastructure, with a recent installation on the Evandale Community Centre, Evandale.


What Council hopes to achieve in the future in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability:

Council hopes to achieve the following:


What Council hopes to gain from being a member of the Cities Power Partnership:

Council hopes to gain two things from being a member of the Cities Power Partnership:

Media Coverage

Northern Midlands Action Pledge Coming Soon!

In the meantime, check out some pledges that councils can choose from:

Ensure Council fleet purchases meet strict greenhouse gas emissions requirements and support the uptake of electric vehicles.

Encourage sustainable transport use (public transport, walking and cycling) through Council transport planning and design. Substantial savings in transport energy use can be achieved by designing more compact cities with access to high quality public and active transport services and facilities.

Facilitate large energy users collectively tendering and purchasing renewable energy at a low cost.

Set minimum renewable energy benchmarks for new developments, for example Denman Prospect, ACT requires every new house to install a minimum solar PV system.

Public lighting can use a large proportion of a city’s energy budget - roll out energy efficient lighting (particularly street lighting) across the municipality.

Get city-level renewable energy or emissions reduction targets and sustainable energy policies to provide a common goal and shared expectations for local residents and businesses.

Implement an education and behavior change program to influence the behavior of council officers, local residents and businesses within the municipality to drive the shift to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

Promote knowledge sharing and strengthen the local community’s capacity and skills in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

Set up meetings and attend events, such as the Community Energy Congress or Cities Power Partnership Summit, where like-minded cities can address common concerns and learn from others’ experience.

Incentivise the deployment of energy efficient heating and cooling technologies.

Join us in congratulating Northern Midlands for joining the Cities Power Partnership!

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