Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

A step towards creating a sustainable, non-polluting energy future was taken by the Northern Midlands Council on Monday.

Councillors unanimously agreed to join the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership in an effort to contribute as a community.

“Joining forces with the Cities Power Partnership is where ideas can become reality, collecting, tendering and resource sharing could reduce costs and the Northern Midlands will be making a difference,” Cr Mary Knowles said.

“Less reliance on emission-causing power sources from the mainland is surely a benefit and creating more sustainable power will free up more state power for sale, which will benefit Tasmania.”

Participating councils have six months to select five key actions from the partnership pledge ranging from renewable energy, efficiency, transport and advocacy.

This article first appeared in the Tasmanian Examiner on 19 October 2017