Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

11 OCTOBER 2021

CITIES POWER PARTNERSHIP applauds the WA local Government Association’s landmark agreement that could see fifty-one local governments make the switch to source 100 per cent renewable energy.

Upon completion, the agreement will be Australia’s largest ever local government collaboration to purchase clean energy.

Cities Power Partnership director, Dr Portia Odell said the potential for cities and regions to pool their resources and invest in affordable, reliable clean energy was enormous.

“In July, we saw a staggering 46 Victorian councils partner up to pool their electricity contracts and switch to renewable energy. Forty-five per cent of all Victorian council electricity is now powered by renewable wind energy. And now, we’ll see this incredible example of collaboration topped by councils in Western Australia,” said Dr Odell.

“Partnerships like these are showing the impact local governments have when it comes to collaborating to create effective local strategies that can lead to huge emissions reductions.

“By powering councils with affordable renewable energy, ratepayers’ dollars will go further. Every dollar saved on energy bills is a dollar that can be put towards improving footpaths, libraries or community programs.

“Climate leadership from local governments is delivering the benefits that decarbonising our economy can bring, such as regional jobs, cleaner cities and cheaper power.

“We can’t wait to see the outcome of this impressive project.”

Local governments have until Thursday, 18 November to formalise their participation in the project.


For more information contact Victoria Fratin, Media Advisor on 0431 314 047 or [email protected]