VIDEO: Hacking Net Zero Communities

Leading Victorian councils joined forces to leverage design thinking and find innovative solutions to take their communities to net zero emissions.

Why Noosa’s fighting back on climate change

Noosa faces serious challenges from climate change, that’s why it’s fighting back. From declaring a climate emergency to installing hundreds of solar panels, this town is leading climate action.

Can you imagine an Australia without beaches?

Margaret River, one of the world’s most beloved surf spots, is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts unless urgent action is taken.

That’s why the world’s top surfers joined forces with the Margaret River community to turn the tide on climate change.

A Renewables Road Trip

Ever wonder what a sea of 800K solar panels looks like? We found out on our South Australian Renewables Road Trip. From wind and solar farms to the big battery, we covered a lot of ground. 

Parkes is the King of Renewables!

Parkes wants to go straight to number one as The King of Renewables. Parkes is already one of the biggest and earliest adopters of rooftop solar, and a founding member of the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership.