Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

In Australia, ute sales are growing and the most popular vehicles are also among the worst performing, and most polluting. This isn’t sustainable.

The good news is zero emissions electric utes are on the way. By 2030, electric utes and vans are projected to make up more than half of light commercial vehicle sales in Australia.

The Climate Council’s report, Ute Beauty! The case for lower and zero emissions utes in Australia, is an excellent resource to help local governments purchase a new working vehicle that is more efficient, saves money on fuel costs and reduces emissions.

The report also provides a snapshot of where the electric ute market is going, and highlights that the fuel efficiency and emissions profile of new utes sold in Australia varies hugely. This means that those looking to buy a ute today can already tap into big cost and emissions savings by choosing a more efficient ute that is cheaper to run, even before electric utes become more readily available.

List of available EV utes

You can also check out the Cities Power Partnership’s electric utes webinar that highlights the first council in Australia to add EV utes to its fleet.