Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

CENTRAL Coast Council has voted to take strong action on climate change.

The council will investigate joining the Cities Power Partnership (CPP) and develop a climate change policy including mitigation and adaptations measures.

Mayor Jane Smith said climate change is real and action needed to be taken to mitigate its effect on the region’s water resources, coastal ecosystems, infrastructure, health, agriculture and biodiversity.

“The effects of climate change pose a serious threat to our way of life on the Central Coast,” she said

“Climate change is a risk to our economic prosperity so doing nothing is not an option. We want our legacy to be that we stood up and said we value our way of life and want to protect it for the generations to come.

CPP is a national local government program that focuses on supporting emission reduction successes of local councils.

Council will develop a climate change policy in consultation with staff and the community, which will be placed on public exhibition.

This article first appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 13 March 2018