Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne
Mayor Amanda Findley is a strong advocate for climate action, actively tackling the big issues for the Shoalhaven community.

This case study takes a closer look at Mayor Findley’s sustainability work, exploring what led to her taking home the Climate Ambassador Award at the 2021 Cities Power Partnership Climate Awards.

Shoalhaven mayor Amanda Findley delivering supplies to bushfire affected communities

Caption: Shoalhaven Mayor, Councillor Amanda Findley and Leading Seaman Aircrewman Bradley Thomas carrying boxes of sweet potatoes to feed the wildlife in a burnt out area of Moreton National Park.  With the recent bush fires that devastated a large portion of the Shoalhaven flora in recent months, the local wildlife do not have sufficient food until this regenerates over time. Therefore, sweet potatoes and carrots are on the menu courtesy of Mayor Findley, 808 squadron personnel and the MRH90 helicopter.

How Shoalhaven Mayor Amanda Findley is leading her community to a sustainable future

Mayor Findley’s work in increasing renewable energy, sustainable transport and resilience within the community has included driving a fully electric Council fleet car, providing financial support and ongoing advocacy to bushfire victims, encouraging more solar power installations and regularly attending Cities Power Partnership events. The Shoalhaven Mayor ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to climate action, embracing renewable energy for both Council and in her personal life.

Mayor Findley has represented Shoalhaven City Council in numerous media events to showcase and promote the achievements of Council in mitigating and adapting to climate change, as well as increasing renewable energy and community resilience. These have included:

This broad range of media opportunities listed above demonstrates just how active and prominent Mayor Findley has been in sharing and recognising the efforts of Shoalhaven City Council staff and the community on climate action.

Mayor Amanda Findley was a winner in the Climate Ambassador category in the Cities Power Partnership Climate Awards 2021.

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