Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

DESPITE the increasingly desperate attempts to strangle the renewable revolution by timid politicians funded and bullied by the multi-national fossil fuel pollution industry, the vast majority of Australians look forward to meeting our Paris commitment via a managed transition to cheap, clean renewable energy generation and storage.

We congratulate the Sunshine Coast Council on their wisdom and perseverance in building the 15MW Valdora Solar Farm, saving ratepayers at least $20 million.

SSC home owners have installed over 150MW of rooftop PV and receive substantial savings, despite the reduction of the FIT, which is currently less than the wholesale price of grid electricity.

Many others can’t share in this because of outdated regulations.

Scores of new clean technology businesses have opened on the SC, creating hundreds of jobs, in construction, maintenance, and most critically, high-tech engineering and systems management.

We urge the Sunshine Coast Council to join the ‘Cities Power Partnership’, sponsored by the Climate Council, in order to maximise the Coast’s opportunities to build a healthy, wealthy, and sustainable economy through partnering with other councils, receiving publicity, advice and assistance from domestic and international experts.



Sunshine Coast Climate Action Now


This Letter to the Editor first appeared in the Sunshine Coast Daily on 20 September 2017