Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne
The Cities Power Partnership and Ironbark Sustainability have launched an Australian first pilot program that will help councils make evidence-based decisions when choosing emissions reduction actions.

The pilot program will trial a new tool, Cities Activity Database, that has categorised data on the climate activities from 800+ cities worldwide, enabling users to find information such as emissions reduction potential, probability of success and cost that can be applied to councils potential projects.

Any new council that joins the Cities Power Partnership will gain access to the tool’s free expert insights to advise individualised high-impact emissions reduction projects and potential Cities Power Partnership program pledges. All councils part of the Cities Power Partnership have 6 months to select five pledges to reduce emissions locally, which range from renewable energy and energy efficiency to transport and advocacy.

New Cities Power Partnership members participating in the Pilot Program will be provided with a tailored short report on actions that similar cities and towns are taking and how effective they have been. This will include insights into the costs of interventions, carbon abatement potential and probability of successful uptake.

This pilot program presents an exciting opportunity for Australian cities and towns to supercharge their climate action by drawing on the learning of hundreds of global cities and towns.

“Local governments are a critical part of Australia’s climate solution and we hope the data-driven information provided through our new partnership with Ironbark will further accelerate our members’ local emission reduction efforts,” said Dr Portia Odell, director, Cities Power Partnership.

Councils who wish to participate in the CAD Pilot Program must join the Cities Power Partnership by 15 November 2021. Membership to CPP is free, and requires a letter from the Mayor.

Click here for more information about how to become a member, or contact us at [email protected].

About Cities Power Partnership

The Cities Power Partnership is a national network of local councils leading the way to a thriving, zero emissions future. It is Australia’s largest group of cities and towns working to tackle climate change, with over 150 partner councils that represent almost 60 per cent of the Australian population. The Cities Power Partnership is made up of councils of all shapes and sizes – from small regional towns to large metropolitan cities. When councils sign up to the program, they pledge five actions to reduce emissions locally, from ramping up renewable energy through to planning sustainable transport systems. Learn more about the program here.