Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

This article originally appeared in the Penrith City Gazette. To view the article click here.

Penrith City Council has joined more than 30 councils around Australia to tackle climate change.

The Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership program aims to slash emissions through encouraging clean energy technology, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and other climate solutions, at a local level.

“Local government has a strong history of working together on energy and climate-related projects, and this partnership gives us an opportunity to continue and strengthen that work by sharing knowledge, experience and resources, to achieve positive outcomes for all,” Penrith Mayor John Thain said.

“Penrith council has a solid track record in this area but we are always open to new ideas on how to address the issues we face in Penrith.

“The partnership will provide major benefits to council, complementing our participation in the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, which focuses on climate change mitigation and adaptation, and our participation in the Resilient Sydney Program.

“At a grass-roots level, our Sustainable Penrith program and Sustainability Policy and Strategy guide council in all our operations, activities and decision making processes.”

Council is encouraging sustainable design and recently supported approval of a development on John Tipping Grove featuring ‘green roofs’ for the purpose of reducing heat, he said.

“Every new development is an opportunity to build a more sustainable and environmentally responsible city. The cumulative effect of environmentally conscious design can be transformative,” Cr Thain said.

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