Northern Beaches Council

Is a Power Partner

370kW solar installed

on over 35 council buildings

Northern Beaches Council is proud to be part of the growing wave of future-minded communities and councils Australia-wide who share our passion for championing sustainability and climate change action. We are committed as an organisation, a community and as leaders to protecting and taking care of our environment for future generations. We look forward to learning from fellow CPP councils and drawing on our established relationship with local partners to further our contribution to a sustainable community.

Mayor Michael Regan

Partnership Action Pledge

Our power partners are committed to switching to non-polluting energy and reducing emissions in their communities.



Provide Council resources to educate and support the uptake of renewable energy such as by hiring an internal renewable energy support officer or establishing an independent body (such as the Moreland and Yarra Energy Foundations)

Adopt best practice energy efficiency measures across all council buildings, and support community facilities to adopt these measures

Encourage sustainable transport use (public transport, walking and cycling) through transport planning and design. Substantial savings in transport energy use can be achieved by designing more compact cities with access to high quality public and active transport services and facilities.

Set city-level renewable energy or emissions reduction targets and sustainable energy policies to provide a common goal and shared expectations for local residents and businesses.

Implement an education and behaviour change program to influence the behaviour of council officers, residents and businesses within the municipality to drive the shift to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

Northern Beaches Council

What council has achieved in the past in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability

Northern Beaches Council is working everyday on new and exciting projects. To date we:

  • Have installed over 370kW of solar panels on over 35 Council buildings
  • Are operating a cogeneration plant at the Manly Aquatic Centre to help heat water and produce energy
  • Are continually incorporating Water Sensitive Design into our projects
  • Are making it easier for our community to use sustainable transport by working with the NSW Government to bring the B-Line bus service to the beaches. We support car share programs and provide electric vehicle charging points. We are improving our bike and pedestrian networks all the time.
  • Are committed to becoming plastic free. We are bringing the community with us on the installation of water fountains and education programs with our residents and businesses.
  • We are developing an Events Strategy that includes sustainability goals

What council hopes to achieve in the future in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability

Northern Beaches Council wants to become a leader in sustainability and importantly we want to encourage and support our community to become leaders too. In doing this will reduce our energy use, align our strategic plans to work towards national and international goals and reduce our emissions. We want to improve our sustainable transport networks and diversity of options to meet the needs of our community now and into the future.

What council hopes to gain from being a member of the Cities Power Partnership

Council wants to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to real action to mitigate and adapt to climate change and deliver on the aspiration in our draft Community Strategic Plan to show real leadership in environmental sustainability.

Joining increases our focus on reducing Council’s and the community’s energy use and carbon emissions, producing additional economic benefits as well by reducing costs to Council and individual households and businesses.

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