Huon Valley

Is a Power Partner

We saw the want and the will in the community for council to play an active part in addressing climate change. Becoming a Cities Power Partner further formalises our commitment to this, and provides additional resources in achieving our aims.

Commissioner Adriana Taylor

Partnership Action Pledge

Our power partners are committed to switching to non-polluting energy and reducing emissions in their communities.



Ensure Council fleet purchases meet strict greenhouse gas emissions requirements and support the uptake of electric vehicles

Provide fast-charging infrastructure throughout the city at key locations for electric vehicles

Adopt best practice energy efficiency measures across all council buildings, and support community facilities to adopt these measures

Public lighting can use a large proportion of a city’s energy budget – roll out energy efficient lighting (particularly street lighting) across the municipality

Install renewable energy (solar PV and battery storage) on council buildings for example childcare facilities, libraries, street lighting, recreation centres, sporting grounds, and council offices

Huon Valley

What council has achieved in the past in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability

Huon Valley Council has been running an internal energy efficiency program for a few years now, with some major projects on the board. For example, the Port Huon Sports Centre lighting has been converted from metal-halide to LED, and at the Huonville Pool the energy efficiency has been substantially improved by the installation of a reverse cycle water heater. Huon Valley Council have an employee-led carpooling program, and run environmental projects out of the NRM unit.

What council hopes to achieve in the future in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability

Addressing global warming is crucial to sustaining a healthy and safe community and environment in the Huon Valley. Huon Valley Council hope to contribute by reducing organisational greenhouse gas emissions through practical and cost-saving measures such as energy efficient fit outs and supporting electric vehicles. Strategic planning will play an important role in promoting active transport. Huon Valley Council also aim to empower and support the community in an uncertain future.

What council hopes to gain from being a member of the Cities Power Partnership

Huon Valley Council looks forward to networking with other Cities Power Partners, and working cooperatively to achieve outcomes. Gaining knowledge and learnings from other local governments will assist regional/rural municipalities to apply initiatives in the best way possible.

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