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Towards Zero Emissions Roadmap

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Hepburn Shire Council hopes that joining the Cities Power Partnership will allow us to share knowledge and strengthen relationships with other Councils, while also displaying our commitment to bold Climate Change action and leadership.  Council realises that by being proactive and supporting sustainable initiatives we can achieve worthwhile outcomes today, with the benefit of safeguarding the environmental, economic and energy security of future generations.  Hepburn Shire Council is supporting a number of initiatives within our Shire aimed at achieving emission reductions
Mayor John Cottrell

Council has chosen the following pledges


Support the local community to develop capacity and skills to tackle climate change.

Council is already working with community to develop this capacity.  Council has held community consultation sessions in the past including the recent Carbon Free Community Conversations.  Presently, the Council supported Z-Net program aims to further engage and empower the community.  The development of a Z-Net Community Advisory Panel is currently occurring, which will evolve into a more formal “Round Table” as the project proceeds.

Completed Pledges


renewable energy

Use council resources to support the uptake of renewable energy.

Council has traditionally had a part-time Sustainability Officer, this role has recently been increased to full time.  The Sustainability Officer’s role is to facilitate emission reduction actions both within Council operations and within the broader community

renewable energy

Identify opportunities to turn organic waste into electricity

Council is already working to develop a Waste to Energy program.  Significant feasibility and technical work has been completed to date, with the goal of implementing a Waste to Energy plant using anaerobic digestion of municipal waste.

renewable energy

Install renewable energy (solar PV and battery storage) on council buildings.

Council has already commenced installing solar PV on a number of buildings.  Council will be working to further increase installed solar PV capacity in the 2018/2019 financial year and beyond.

renewable energy

Support local community renewable energy projects, and encourage investment in community energy.

Council has an ongoing community grants program which is focussed solely on emission reduction incentives on community operated facilities.  Council’s Sustainability Officer works with community groups to identify and implement worthwhile projects

Hepburn Shire

What has Council achieved in the past in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability?
Hepburn Shire Council has completed several programs to reduce net emissions to date.  These include street lighting upgrades, installation of rooftop solar PV, implementing building energy efficiency upgrades and allocating community energy efficiency grants.  Council has adopted it’s own “Towards Zero Emissions Roadmap”, which is a plan for reaching net emissions neutrality due to Council operations by 2021.  Council is a strong supporter of community led programs and has worked hard to develop relationships with community groups in the Shire.
What does Council hope to achieve in the future in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability?
Hepburn Shire Council will continue undertaking emission reduction actions with the intention of achieving net carbon neutrality due to operations by 2021, as outlined in the Towards Zero Emissions Roadmap.  Council supported, community led programs such as Hepburn Solar Bulk Buy (HSBB) and Z-Net are currently taking place within the Shire, which will assist in the transition towards zero net emissions.  Council aims to continue supporting emission reductions through best practice programs and technologies.
What does Council hope to gain from being a member of the Cities Power Partnership?
Joining Cities Power Partnership will assist in strengthening relationships and increasing collaboration with other Councils and regions.  This will allow Hepburn Shire Council to participate in a forum where the knowledge, experience and resources of all members can be leveraged off to achieve the best possible outcomes.