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“Our community has long supported environmental initiatives such as recycling water, generating energy from the sun, recycling food waste, minimising single use plastics and maximising procurement of goods made from recycled materials.

It’s now time to step up and play an even greater role in encouraging our community to mitigate climate change through their decisions and actions. Our membership will enable Council to lead the way, by demonstrating best practice, and providing education and resources to support our community. Working together, both across the CPP network of Councils, and alongside our community will maximise our collective impact on the vital mitigation task.”

Mayor David O'Loughlin

Council has chosen the following pledges

Member councils have 6 months to choose their pledges from joining. Check back soon to see in which exciting ways the City of Prospect have chosen to reduce their emissions.

City of Prospect

What council has achieved in the past in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability.
City of Prospect has completed several programs to reduce net emissions to date. These include the installation of rooftop solar on some Council buildings, an incentive program to increase uptake of solar on private land, the purchase of renewable power for some of our energy needs, the purchase of hybrid EVs for Council fleet vehicles, provision of e-bikes for staff transportation, food and garden organic waste collection service to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfill, and support for our community groups for energy efficiency and other environmental projects through the annual Community Support Fund grant program. In addition, our waste collection service provider has been trialling the use of electric waste collection trucks.

City of Prospect is a member of the Resilient East regional climate partnership, in which nine organisations work together work to ensure the eastern Adelaide region remains a vibrant, desirable, and productive place to live, work and visit, and that our businesses, communities, and environments can respond positively to the challenges and opportunities presented by a changing climate.

In a wider sustainability sense, the City of Prospect is committed to achieving the actions and commitments in our Environmental Action Plan 2018-2022.

What council hopes to achieve in the future in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability
City of Prospect intends to reduce carbon emissions through investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency and low carbon emission initiatives.

Council will raise community awareness of sustainability including; energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport and how the community can contribute to other sustainability matters through a series of workshops and other community events.

What Council hopes to gain from being a member of the Cities Power Partnership
Joining Cities Power Partnership is an important step in the City of Prospect’s journey to mitigate the impacts of climate change now and for future generations.

Being part of the program will assist Council to actively understand, report and analyse our emissions, and help plan effective carbon emission reduction actions.

Working collaboratively is fundamental to reaching our goals, and the Cities Power Partnership program provides an opportunity to share knowledge and learn from other council’s initiatives and actions to reduce their carbon emissions. We’re excited to be part of the growing national network of councils responding to climate change at a local level.