Alpine Shire Council

Is a Power Partner

The Cities Power Partnership is an opportunity for Alpine Shire Council to bolster our resources through a collaboration that supports knowledge and experience sharing between Councils across Australia. The tools, expertise and advocacy available will provide leverage to meet our corporate emissions reduction target of net zero by 2023 and to support our community in Shire-wide emissions reduction and climate adaptation and resilience.

Mayor Sarah Nicholas

Council has chosen the following pledges

Councils have 6 months to choose their pledges from joining. Check back soon to see in which exciting ways Alpine Shire Council has chosen to reduce their emissions.

Alpine Shire Council

What Council has achieved in the past in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability.

In November 2021 Alpine Shire Council joined the global call for immediate and urgent action to reverse global warming through declaring a Climate Emergency.  

In September 2021 Council adopted the Climate Action Plan 2021-2024, committing to the ambitious target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions from Council operations by July 2023.  

A significant facilitator to achieving this is joining the Victorian Energy Collaboration Power Purchase Agreement (VECO PPA) in May 2021, which ensures that 100% of our electricity use will be from renewable energy generation.  

Council has reduced its electricity use by installing Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) on a number of Council buildings and facilities, as well as LED lighting, double glazing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and appliance efficiency improvements within some Council buildings.  

We have also replaced a number of cars in the fleet with fuel efficient hybrid alternatives.

What Council hopes to achieve in the future in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability

Council’s pathway to net zero by 2023 includes phasing in electric vehicles to replace the car fleet as each vehicle becomes due for replacement – starting with a single electric vehicle and charger in financial year 2022/2023.  

The next few financial years will see street lights upgraded to LED and expanded Solar PV and battery installation on Council buildings.  

Council also hopes to implement minimum Environmental Sustainable Design requirements for building upgrades and new buildings, procurement requirements to ensure embodied carbon of infrastructure projects is kept as low as practicable, fuel efficiency requirements for large plant, electrification of small equipment where practicable and investigate options to abate emissions from closed landfill sites. 

From July 2023 Council will purchase local offsets against all residual greenhouse gas emissions from corporate operations. In 2023 Council plans to begin the process of developing and implementing a community climate action plan to reduce municipal wide greenhouse gas emissions, starting with community engagement.  

Development of a municipal wide climate risk assessment and adaptation and resilience plan is also envisaged to begin in 2023.  Municipal waste to landfill will be reduced through the kerbside food organics garden organics (FOGO) rollout in financial year 2022/2023 and glass recycling will follow in subsequent financial years.

What Council hopes to gain from being a member of the Cities Power Partnership

Recent years have seen a significant increase in focus on sustainability in the Alpine Shire community and within Council – this attitude shift led to Council’s adoption of the ambitious Net Zero by 2023 target and is invoking ongoing pressure for Council to support community climate action.  

While this is all positive, and timely, the capacity of Council to facilitate this shift is restricted by resource limitations inherent with being a small LGA.  

The opportunities that Cities Power Partnership offers to leverage off other Councils’ experience and knowledge through collaboration and sharing is the primary reason for the Alpine Shire Council joining the program.  

Council also hopes that joining the Cities Power Partnership will give us a larger voice in advocating for climate action at State and Federal Government level.