Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

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Noosa Council today joined more than 30 councils across Australia in a new initiative to slash emissions and tackle worsening climate change.

The Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership (CPP) aims to transform Australia’s energy future.

It offers Australian councils actionable, realistic, and effective methods to encourage clean energy technology, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and other climate solutions at a local level.

Speaking from the CPP’s Canberra launch Mayor Tony Wellington said it was “an absolute no-brainer for Noosa Council to jump on board”.

“Noosa Council has set a goal to reduce its net emissions to zero by 2026.  To do this we will continue to identify technical and behavioural change initiatives throughout the organisation. This will impact on every level of Council operations,” Mayor Wellington said.

He said more and more Australians were demanding that governments take climate change seriously.

“We want to make zero emissions the way we do business. Council continues to work closely with a broad range of community groups, business representative associations, universities and our tourism body to support sustainability actions. The Zero Emissions Noosa community group has matched Council’s 2026 target.

“Noosa Council has joined the Cities Power Partnership to learn, to share and to showcase.  We look forward to teaming with a cohort of forward-thinking local councils that are taking real action to address climate change,” the Mayor said.

Climate Council Chief Professor Tim Flannery said the landmark, national initiative had the potential to transform Australia’s energy future from the ground up.

“We are welcoming councils representing hundreds of towns and cities, of all shapes and sizes across the country, representing more than three million Australians. Each Council has joined forces under the Cities Power Partnership, ready to get on with the job of tackling climate change,” he said.

“Transforming the way cities use and generate energy alone has the potential to deliver 70% of the total emissions reductions needed.”

Mayor Wellington added: “The CPP will enable local governments to share their knowledge and experiences – it is a wonderful, pro-active example of national collaboration and Noosa Council is proud to play its part as one of the first local governments to join the Cities Power Partnership.”