Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

The City has joined the Cities Power Partnership (CPP) to help it transition to renewable energy and achieve ambitious carbon reduction targets set out in the recently-endorsed Carbon Reduction Plan.

CPP is Australia’s largest local government climate network and will give the City access to resources and networking opportunities as it moves towards a greener future.

Local councils who join the partnership make five action pledges in either renewable energy, efficiency, transport or working in partnership to tackle climate change.

The City’s pledges will be decided on shortly and will reflect the milestone Carbon Reduction Plan, which is expected to reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions by 772 tonnes a year by 2030.

The City has already begun its transition to low carbon operations through the installation of solar panels and energy efficient systems, electric and hybrid fleet vehicles, and increased efficiencies in water use and waste.

SOURCE: City of Subiaco