Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

photo credit: ABC News

THE ACT’S ANNOUNCEMENT of a new target to get to net-zero emissions by 2045 is a ‘trailblazer’, which should prompt Australia’s other states and territories to seriously reduce their climate impact, according to national climate alliance the Cities Power Partnership.   

David Craven, director, Cities Power Partnership said that the ACT’s plan to drive their greenhouse gas emissions down to net-zero through measures such as all-electric government buildings and schools powered by renewable energy, a zero-emissions bus fleet and curtailing gas use showed genuine climate leadership.

“Many of the commitments put forward in the ACT’s new plan to get to net-zero emissions are the first of their kind in Australia, including leapfrogging gas whilst others are still using it as a transition.

“With projections for a long, hot summer ahead, initiatives to increase urban tree canopies as well as supporting households to reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency improvements will contribute to a more liveable summer for Canberrans as well as deliver significant cost savings for residents and businesses.”

“We encourage other state and local governments around Australia to take a page out of the ACT’s playbook and scale-up initiatives to address the climate challenge,” he said.

Amanda McKenzie, CEO, Climate Council welcomes the target with anticipation to see the ACT exceed it earlier than projected.

“The ACT is a state and territory frontrunner in the race to tackle climate change. We’ve seen them set their 100% renewable energy target by 2020 and surmount it months earlier. We’re urging for an early win on this target too,” she said.

“Australia is already experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change, and this summer will be no exception for worsening extreme weather events. To effectively tackle climate change we must see all states and territories across the country urgently ramp up targets and action.”

For more information please contact the Cities Power Partnership media team on 0431 314 047 or [email protected]