Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

The Cities Power Partnership has received a $300,000 grant from Boundless to accelerate their work supporting the transition of local government fleets to electric vehicles through their ‘EV Fleet Program’. 

Part of the Climate Council, the Cities Power Partnership is a free program that supports Australian local governments on their journey to net zero emissions.

Their EV Fleet Program aims to upskill council officers and procurement managers in the transition process, harnessing the collective of Cities Power Partnership’s existing member base of over 170 councils. 

Dr Portia Odell, Director of the Cities Power Partnership, said the uptake of electric fleets is an exciting and readily-accessible opportunity for local governments to reduce their emissions and take action on climate change.

“Local governments are on the precipice of a clean transport revolution, and we want to bring them collectively along on the journey to a zero emissions electric fleet,” said Dr Odell.

“It’s not only councils who directly reap the environmental rewards and cost savings of their electric fleet, but the community are also provided with a steady second-hand supply.

“Boundless is focused on accelerating climate solutions, and we’re thrilled they recognise the power of local government in demonstrating an all-electric future to their communities.”

Councils are encouraged to harness the multitude of benefits that come with an electric fleet, including driving down their own transport emissions, decreasing their fleet maintenance costs, and modeling clean transport to their local communities.

This is important considering transport is Australia’s third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, and is increasing faster than any other sector over the last three decades.

Merri-bek City Council Mayor Angelica Panopoulos is excited to continue working with the Cities Power Partnership to strive towards net zero emissions.

“As part of our journey, Council added its first electric vehicle to its fleet all the way back in 2013. There are now 27 electric vehicles in our light fleet, each saving approximately 2.5 tonnes of greenhouse emissions each year,” said Mayor Panopoulos.

“The popularity of electric vehicles in Merri-bek is rapidly growing, and we have a network of 16 public chargers powered by 100% renewable energy from the Crowlands Wind Farm, as part of this shift towards alternative forms of transport. We’re proud to be paving the way thanks to initiatives like the Cities Power Partnership.”

Since receiving the funding, the Cities Power Partnership has appointed a dedicated EV Project Officer and has commenced consulting with councils to inform their program approach.

Participating councils will receive a range of resources needed for their journey to electrification. Through a series of events, councils will undergo training to support the long-term development of their own transitions. This includes educating councils about Fuel Efficiency Standards, as well as how to advocate to State and Federal governments to remove barriers faced.

To arrange an interview with the Cities Power Partnership or for more information contact Hannah Clayton on [email protected].


Two of Lake Macquarie City Council's electric vehicles, parked in their solar powered carpark with electric chargers

Lake Macquarie City Council is one of the council’s leading the way with an electric fleet