Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

Environmentalists and renewable energy advocates in the Orange area were delighted to learn that at the Orange City Council meeting on July 18, councillors unanimously voted to adopt the Climate Council Cities Power Partnership scheme.

Officially launched in July this year, the scheme is an initiative of the Climate Council, Australia’s leading climate communication organisation.

Through the CPP the Climate Council aims to promote the progress of renewable energy and emissions reduction at local government and community level.

The CPP was recommended to council by David Waddell, Orange City Council’s Director of Development Services, who encouraged the scheme “to drive council toward more renewable energy use, lower greenhouse emissions, lower energy bills and to provide leadership and resources to the community”.

Councils which have agreed to be part of the partnership will be required to identify five items in the Power Partners’ Pledge that they will strive to achieve.

Orange City Council has six months from its sign up date to identify these items.

The options from which pledge items can be selected include those associated with renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport and community leadership and resources.

To assist our council in achieving success with its pledges, it will be buddied with two other councils to share knowledge.

In addition, councils will also have access to the CPP knowledge hub, webinars and, where possible, visits from Climate Council experts.

Participating councils will have access to exclusive grants and incentives to support renewable energy, energy efficiency and transport goals.

The CPP initiative should provide welcome support for the expansion of our council’s current renewable energy plans, such as the installation of solar panels on the roof of the Orange Aquatic Centre.

The scheme has the capacity of providing support to plan for community renewable energy projects in our new subdivisions.

It is hoped that our council will embrace this wonderful opportunity.

Earth First would like to acknowledge David Waddell for providing information about the CPP.

This story first appeared in the Central Western Daily on 18 August 2017.