Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

THE northern beaches should lead the way on taking action against climate change, according to Mayor Michael Regan.

Cr Regan said local action on climate change was needed to limit sea level rises. “As a coastal community that faces potential devastation under projected sea level rises, we must play our part to reduce our carbon footprint,” he said. “This will not just help to prevent further significant impacts but also maintain the local quality of life.”

It follows findings from the Climate Council that critical local decisions were needed in three years to limit environmental impacts. “Our council is leading the way with a range of environmental initiatives and we are committed to continue to explore ways we can lead our community and have maximum impact,” Cr Regan said.

The council joined the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership while in administration, after lobbying from Cr Natalie Warren. “There is clear momentum in the community and this is our chance for the northern beaches to lead NSW in developing smarter thinking in creating healthy communities for future generations,” Cr Warren said.

This article first appeared in the Manly Daily on 15 November 2017