Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne
COUNCILS ARE RACING to join Australia’s largest local government climate network, as the Cities Power Partnership opens recruitment for a further 30 councils to join.
The Cities Power Partnership, launched in July 2017, has swiftly grown to 70 councils representing over eight million people, who have pledged to tackle climate change through renewable energy and other climate solutions.

The fast-growing program is now ooking to take on another 30 councils to join the country’s fastest-growing council climate network.

Cities Power Partnership Director Alix Pearce said that renewable energy was fast becoming the ‘new normal’ for councils, as a wave of innovative projects power up across the country.

“Any local government that isn’t seriously looking at renewable energy, battery storage and electric vehicles risks being left behind,” she said.

“We’re opening the Cities Power Partnership to a further 30 councils, to meet unprecedented demand, as more and more local governments join Australia’s renewable energy revolution.”

Councils joining the Cities Power Partnership connect with other local governments working on similar projects, with access to expert research, learning opportunities and media support to celebrate their successes. Participants in the program range from Australia’s largest metropolitan councils through to tiny rural shires.

Alix Pearce said that councils needed to connect and share knowledge to find effective regional solutions to climate change.

“It’s crucial that councils connect with each other and share knowledge around the work they’re doing locally to tackle climate change,” she said.

“Councils in the Cities Power Partnership are also finding opportunities to work together on projects, such as electric vehicle superhighways and large-scale renewable energy projects.”

“Together we’re transforming Australia’s energy landscape, from the grassroots up.”

Residents can visit to nominate their council to become a Power Partner

For more information contact Fiona Ivits, Cities Power Partnership media advisor, on 0432 368 714 or [email protected]