Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

Parkes is making fruitful progress on climate change, with an impressive display at the Parkes Show this week showcasing the area’s commitment to climate action.

The display, created from an array of local produce, illustrates the threats and opportunities posed by climate change in the Parkes region, from weather anomalies and temperature graphs through to a fully rotating wind turbine.

Also featured is a celebration of Parkes Council’s membership of the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership program, a network of local governments committed to tackling climate change.

Parkes Mayor Ken Keith OAM said the display celebrates the ingenuity and can-do attitude of the Parkes community to finding solutions to big problems such as climate change.

“Parkes faces very real threats from climate change, particularly to our agricultural industry,” he said.

“No one is more aware of the need to take action than our local farmers. This is why we’re putting in a huge amount of work to move to a more sustainable way of doing things and reduce our climate impact.

“This display, as well as showcasing our fantastic local produce, is also a reminder that the action we’re taking now on climate change will help to ensure that this produce is available to enjoy for many generations to come.”

 This article first appeared in the Parkes Champion Post on 1 September 2017