Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne

This article originally appeared in Midland Reporter. You can read the full article here.

THE City of Swan has joined the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership (CPP) to fight climate change and build greener communities.

Swan Mayor Mick Wainwright said being part of the CPP would enable the City to be a leader in the push for more energy efficient and environmentally responsible councils.

He said a Climate Council report released last week said local governments could collectively lower energy emissions by 70 per cent.

“The City of Swan is excited to be involved in the Cities Power Partnership as it allows us to actively continue to increase our energy efficiency in a meaningful pledge-based program,” he said.

“Being a part of the CPP will allow us to cater for our rapidly growing population, while being mindful of the impact we’re having on the environment.”

He said LED lighting had replaced old fluorescent lights in the City administration building and the old lights had been recycled.

“The new LED lighting will avoid the emission of nearly 67 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year,” he said

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