Climate Summit for Local Government

Sept 6-8, 2023 | Melbourne
CLIMATE change might be contentious across the region’s councils, but an Orange councillor says good progress is being made to save electricity and by extension, costs and the city’s carbon footprint.

Dubbo Regional Council recently joined the Cities Power Partnership, which Orange City Council has been a member of since 2017, but not without dissent from three representatives.

Commenting on Orange’s progress, councillor Stephen Nugent said despite struggles with water security and COVD-19, the council had hired a sustainability officer to oversee progress and the draft budget, assuming no changes on May 12, would allocate $500,000 towards projects.

“It’s all chugging along in the background.”

Cr Nugent wanted to see solar panels at the multipurpose sporting complex when it was built.

The council has pledged to power council operations by renewable energy, improve efficiency, roll out energy-efficient lighting, maximise public and active transport in developments and develop programs to help residents and businesses.

SOURCE: Central Western Daily