Darcy Pimblett

Cessnock City Council

It’s a step in the right direction for Cessnock City Council to join the Cities Power Partnership reaffirming our commitment to positive action. It recognises the importance of environmental improvements at all levels of government. It also aligns with our recently adopted Climate Change Policy and will facilitate the sharing of knowledge with like-minded councils to reduce our emissions and build climate resilience.

City of Albany

The City of Albany have a drive to become Clean, Green and Sustainable with a tangible goal to achieve 100% energy self-sufficiency by embracing renewable alternatives that reduce our carbon footprint. We are future focused and getting smarter about how we use and create energy across the City so that our community can reap the benefits of prosperity for years to come.

Devonport City Council

Council recognises that action on climate change is more than an individual Council responsibility; it is the responsibility of all levels of government and the community to work together. From 2016 to 2019 emissions across the entire city have increased by 23%. If we want to avert the likely impact of global temperature increases – ecosystem collapse and extensive social and economic upheaval – we must immediately reverse such a rise by making every effort to rapidly reduce our emissions. Being a Power Partner is an important step in our journey to mitigate the impacts of climate change now and for future generations.

Frankston City Council

Is a Power Partner "Joining the partnership will allow Frankston City to be at the forefront when it comes to tackling climate change. The councils involved represent half of Australia’s residents and this partnership allows us to share...

Hunter’s Hill Council

Is a Power Partner Hunter’s Hill Council is committed to preserving and maintaining the unique natural environment and heritage of our local area. We are proud of our success in partnering with and piloting circular economy projects,...

Maitland City Council

Is a Power Partner We’re proud to be joining the Cities Power Partnership, which makes up just one of the many steps Maitland City Council is taking in our journey towards a greener, more environmentally sustainable organisation and city....

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Is a Power Partner "Moreton Bay Regional Council joined the Cities Power Partnership as part of a review of its position on climate change. Council has heard the community’s concern and we are committed to take action today for a...

Port Stephens Council

Joining the Cities Power Partnership will help Port Stephens Council to advance our work in setting clear emission reduction and renewable energy targets with the aim of creating a strong and clean local economy.

Singleton Shire Council

Is a Power Partner Singleton Shire Council has recently joined the Cities Power Partnership. This page will be updated with further information on Council's climate actions and pledges soon. Media Coverage

Wellington Shire Council

In Gippsland we are blessed with some amazing and diverse landscapes of natural beauty and high environmental value from the Victorian Alps, Gippsland Lakes, 90 Mile Beach and the Strzelecki ranges as well as being home to a dynamic agricultural industry.