The City of Darebin

Is a Power Partner
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solar on council buildings


solar systems for pensioners & low-income households


of households already have solar

What Darebin has achieved in the past in energy efficiency, renewable energy or broader sustainability

Our award winning environmental initiatives like our Solar Savers program has established our reputation as leader local government:

What Darebin hopes to achieve in the future in energy efficiency, renewable energy or broader sustainability

Why Darebin joined the Cities Power Partnership 

Our vision is for a greener, bolder, more connected city and we must urgently reduce our greenhouse emissions to address the climate emergency which is causing damage to health, property and infrastructure. By joining the Cities Power Partnership we hope to make Darebin a more sustainable city fuelled by renewable energy. We look forward to sharing our successes with all levels of government and learning from the experiences of other Councils around Australia. The Cities Power Partnership also provides a fantastic opportunity to spread the climate emergency message. We invite all councils to join and declare a state of climate emergency and commit to the actions that will restore a safe climate for current and future generations.

Mayor Kim Le Cerf

Media Coverage

Darebin Council expands multimillion-dollar solar loans scheme. Preston Leader.

Media Coverage

The City of Darebin Action Pledge Coming Soon!

In the meantime, check out some pledges that councils can choose from:

Support community facilities accessing renewable energy through incentives, support or grants.

Incentivise the deployment of energy efficient heating and cooling technologies.

Ensure that the practices of local government contractors and financing such as banking, insurance, and super are aligned with council goals relating to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport. Set appropriate criteria for council procurement.

Providing for adequate cycle lanes (both space and connectivity) in road design and supporting cyclists through providing parking, and end-of-ride facilities (covered, secure bike storage, showers, bicycle maintenance and incentives).

Facilitate large energy users collectively tendering and purchasing renewable energy at a low cost.

Electrify public transport systems (for example buses operated by council) and fleet vehicles and power these by 100% renewable energy.

Get city-level renewable energy or emissions reduction targets and sustainable energy policies to provide a common goal and shared expectations for local residents and businesses.

Adopt best practice energy efficiency measures across all council buildings, and support community facilities to adopt these measures.

Implement an education and behavior change program to influence the behavior of council officers, local residents and businesses within the municipality to drive the shift to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

Install renewable energy (solar PV and battery storage) on council buildings for example childcare facilities, libraries, street lighting, recreation centres, sporting grounds, and council offices.

Join us in congratulating The City of Darebin for joining the Cities Power Partnership!

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