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There are a range of different organisations providing further resources, research and useful tools that can support council fleet electrification plans. See how they can help in your EV transition journey.


Charge Together Knowledge Base

EVeducate has a range of resources available that cover many of the basics of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, as well as offering fleet resources to assist in the transition to a more sustainable fleet.

Visit the knowledge base


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) | Free calculator

As part of the ChargeTogether website, local councils have access to a free TCO calculator within Better Fleet (login is required) to better understand the operational, financial and environmental outcomes in electrifying your fleet.

Use the TCO calculator tool


Green Vehicle Guide

The Green Vehicle Guide website provides a helpful tool to compare several different vehicles and view a downloadable and shareable summary of data on emissions, fuel consumption, electric range, cost and noise data, fuel costs and CO2 emissions from your vehicles.

Use the comparison tool


EV Battery recycling

If you’re interested to learn more about EV battery recycling taking place in Australia, Infinitev partners with the automotive industry to create a circular economy for EV batteries.

Visit their site


EV Choice

Provides useful and regularly updated factsheets across a range of EV issues that can offer guidance and help answer questions for the general public considering buying an electric vehicle.

Visit the EV Choice website


International EV municipal fleet resources


C40 Knowledge

C40 Knowledge Hub is a resource for cities wanting to act on climate change. It is designed for every city, regardless of C40 membership. We use ‘cities’ as shorthand for an urban municipal government of any size and in any country.

Access the C40 Zero emission municipal vehicles Knowledge Hub


The Electrification Coalition (US)

This organisation develops and implements a broad set of strategies to facilitate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. To learn about case studies in the United States, and access reports detailing local government policies implemented in the United States please visit their website.

Visit the website


Transport decarbonisation: Local authority toolkit (UK)

Review local council case studies in electrifying council fleets and initiatives created to achieve zero-emission vehicle transition in the United Kingdom.

View the toolkit