MORE than 5000 street lights in Newcastle will be replaced with LEDs, Newcastle City Council has announced.

The move, designed to cut the council’s energy spend, will replace 5312 sodium and vapour lights in residential areas with the light-emitting diodes. They are expected to shave 10 per cent, or 1.38 gigawatt hours, off the council’s annual energy use.

The council expects their annual electricity bill to drop by $240,000, as well as reducing maintenance costs by $73,000. It will also earn a one-off energy saving certificate payment of $355,000 from the state government.

“Energy use from street lighting accounts for around half of the council’s total energy consumption, and LEDs, as well as having a longer life span, provide a more effective, higher quality white light that require less energy,” lord mayor Nuatali Nelmes said

 “Replacing the 5,000-plus lights makes sense financially and will help Council meet our 2020 carbon and water management targets of using 30 per cent less electricity and for 80 per cent of all street lighting to use LEDs.”


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