Track your carbon, energy and cost savingsThe Power Analytics Tool

The Cities Power Partnership (CPP) engages with towns and cities, via local councils, throughout Australia and incentivises councils to increase renewable energy and energy efficiency, improve transport and increase collaboration.

To help make this happen the CPP provides member councils with access to the Power Analytics tool. The Power Analytics tool is a powerful, time-saving tool for planning, tracking and sharing energy, financial and carbon project data. This tool allows member councils to input specific projects and track carbon savings, energy savings and financial savings, as well as sharing this data to the tool’s library so that other member councils can learn from it too.

Log in 

Power Partners, to access the tool click the link below and enter the login details provided to you by the CPP team.


For the explainer video that talks through all of the features of the tool and how to use it please click below:


For technical and user support contact [email protected] or call 02 9356 8505 with any questions.



What’s the benefit of using Power Analytics?

You can use the tool to understand energy, carbon and financial savings for potential, current or future carbon emission reductions projects.

The tool can help with project management through tracking payments or understanding lifetime savings or current along a timeframe.

 How many projects can I enter?

Each council can enter up to 20 projects, of which 10 can be completed projects

What type of projects can I enter?

The range of drop down project types and sub-types you can select is comprehensive and includes:

  • Lighting
  • Renewables & Alternative Energy
  • Metering / Energy Data Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Building HVAC
  • Equipment & Appliances
  • Transportation

Is Power Analytics reporting compulsory?

No, it is optional but encouraged as it will help you understand your potential energy, emissions and cost savings.

Is there a license fee payable?

No – the Cities Power Partnership covers the cost of the software licence. Councils can choose to upgrade to a premium membership version at their own cost to have access to more sophisticated reporting & graphics capability

Can there be more than 1 user or login per Council?

Yes, each Council is allowed 2 logins

Can I export the project data entered?

Yes, there is an option export to csv or MS Excel for all of your projects

Will my project data be visible to others?

Projects listed as “completed” will load into the shared library across all users. Projects that are “proposed” or “in progress” will be visible only to you.

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