Muswellbrook Shire

Is a Power Partner
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Muswellbrook Shire is a Power Partner in the Cities Power Partnership.

They’re working on lots of projects across sustainability. Follow this link to Muswellbrook Shire Council’s Sustainability Unit page.

Media Coverage

Sep 6, 2017: The Newcastle Herald: Muswellbrook’s Liddell power station closure is the lightning rod for a looming energy crisis

Sep 14, 2017: ABC 7:30 Report What happens to Muswellbrook if the Liddell Power Plant closes?  Interview with Mayor Martin Rush

Muswellbrook Shire Action Pledge Coming Soon!

In the meantime, check out some pledges that councils can choose from:

Electrify public transport systems (for example buses operated by council) and fleet vehicles and power these by 100% renewable energy.

Opening up unused council managed land for renewable energy, for example land fills, and road reserves.

Get city-level renewable energy or emissions reduction targets and sustainable energy policies to provide a common goal and shared expectations for local residents and businesses.

Use strategic and statutory planning processes to promote renewable energy both at the residential, commercial and larger scale.

Provide incentives (for example rate reductions) for best practice developments such as streamlined planning processes, and support for retrofitting energy efficiency measures for existing buildings.

Encourage sustainable transport use (public transport, walking and cycling) through Council transport planning and design. Substantial savings in transport energy use can be achieved by designing more compact cities with access to high quality public and active transport services and facilities.

Power council operations by renewables, directly (with solar PV or wind), or by purchasing Greenpower (from electricity retailers). Set targets to increase the level of renewable power for council operations over time.

Set up meetings and attend events, such as the Community Energy Congress or Cities Power Partnership Summit, where like-minded cities can address common concerns and learn from others’ experience.

Promote knowledge sharing and strengthen the local community’s capacity and skills in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

Set minimum renewable energy benchmarks for new developments, for example Denman Prospect, ACT requires every new house to install a minimum solar PV system.

Join us in congratulating Muswellbrook Shire for joining the Cities Power Partnership!

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